Through Greenland, in the far north, passed the arctic cercle, a village subsists hanged on a cliff, Kullorsuaq. It remains one of the last preserved traditional place where  ancestral Inuit way of living does survive as Dog sled hunt, ice fishing or the practice of animism. Not so long ago, there were sustainable thank to their incredible understanding of the environnement from whom they belong.

In 2015, Bhaskara has been asked by Nicolas Dubreuil, an french anthropologist and author of several book relating his attachment and his will to safeguard the north folks culture since decades, to restore et refurbish a dilapidated house over there, in Kullorsuaq (the bog thumb).

During 3 months, by the frozen ocean, surrounded by polar bears, seals and non-stop shining sun, we had to rethink thermal insulation on the whole roof, rebuilt floors, consolidate foundations and install carpentry. The construction site was intense cause of tough meteorological conditions : blizzards, polar storms and snowfalls.

Nowdays this brave wood house is ready to host travellers, perched on the rocks and starring at icebergs.

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