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"Manifesto di una architettura estroversa" 

*Terra-Incognita               2020

*Res sanctae               2020

terra-incognita - MENtion ELISA C. CATTANEO
Uncharted territories are bound and born into the world by maps and myths: Italicised legends in ancient atlas, hovering over vast white space, or stories of men questioning the cosmos unseen and unspanned.
Obsessed with a treasure map called terra-incognita, I immersed myself into ink and feather pen to draw limitography.


While we share the same epidemic, we do not live similar lockdowns. If exuberance can lead to odd places, it could also help us reveal what’s been hidden for long. With the world going globish, human should and could feel everywhere at home : Res Sanctae which refers to the sacred things, tries to explore the notion and the diversity of bounds, limes, borders or limits considering the skin as the first and the mythology as one of the last. Closing things to open them better, what makes our world?

On CIVA BRUSSELS and EYESORE QUarantine space